When you are considering how to spend your advertising dollars on either Digital or Print marketing, why not do both. There are more people seeking to find information digitally more than ever before and even though Digital marketing has become the norm; Traditional marketing is still very useful for awareness of your company. Having a mix of both Traditional and Digital marketing allows for every possible way for a consumer to find your company. Your leaving nothing to chance! With the marketing world turning to digital, print marketing has become cheaper than ever before; so even if you have a limited budget, you can potentially afford print marketing.

We all know that the more visible your company is, the more likely it is to be remembered. Most people are bailing on Traditional marketing to just focus on digital but you really still need both. If you can stick with both, you have the best means of standing out because your getting the best of both worlds by taking advantage of what Traditional marketing still has to offer and by being one of few who still uses it.

Here are five strategies that use Traditional marketing mixed with Digital marketing.

1. Billboards and Geotargeting

One of the best ways to advertise in a market is through billboard advertising because of how much of the population it reaches.  With the newer digital style billboards, more smaller businesses can afford to use them allowing more small businesses to get exposure because the fee isn’t as high as a regular billboard. If you pair it with geotargeted ads, then your smart phone will be hit with a banner ad as you pass thru giving you even more exposure.

2. Magazines and digital content

Magazines are targeted to a specific niche or group of consumers, so they are great for targeting a specific market.  Magazines now carry digital editions, websites, and social media so when you consider advertising with a magazine you want to make sure your reaching their digital audience too.

3. Newspapers and online ads

Getting your business in your local newspaper is great for small businesses who don’t have a lot of marketing money to spend.  Now that less people advertise in the newspaper, you pay less but also get a larger ad.  Like magazines, newspapers now have online components; so, you can try to negotiate getting a social media post with your newspaper ad.

4. Television and video ads

Thanks to streaming, TV advertising has become much cheaper.  If you know your target audience, then you can run a commercial for around $5,000 a month and reuse the content for other digital channels. And if that is still too costly, most stations have YouTube channels or apps that you can buy cheaper ads on to still promote your business.

5. Radio and streaming ads

People still listen to the radio and it is still a great way for you to expose your business through both online and broadcasting slots. If you buy a great broadcasting slot, you may want to consider buying a placement on their Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube channels.

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